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HRMD is a physician-guided consulting group that can help you meet your medical practice goals. HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with a business model that best suits your long term business goals.

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Our services are driven by the needs of our Members—private business owners who want to stay independent and thrive in an industry overrun by corporate consolidation.

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Having experienced partners guide you through crucial everyday business essentials—your marketing, operations, ancillary services, billing, coding, collections, advertising, and more—helps you make confident decisions about growing your practice.

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We have proven systems for helping you reduce distractions, focus your team, strengthen your practice, and sustainably grow your business.

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You’ll receive consultation and guidance from only the best. Led by Dr. Haroon Rasheed, HRMD will reduce your staffing costs by 30-50%.

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When you’re wanting to grow your business, you want to do it with people who are trusted, people who know the ropes and have proven results.

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HRMD brings the right tools for you to align your practice with the business model that best suits your long-term business goals.

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