We offer medication-assisted psychotherapy

As a way to efficiently deepen your therapeutic journey to resolve depression, anxiety, trauma, and PTSD. We are the first comprehensive psychiatric clinic to offer this exciting, cutting-edge treatment.

Current research into the use of medications to facilitate psychotherapy is booming!

While Ketamine infusions are an excellent way to resolve acute, debilitating symptoms of depression, trauma, and PTSD,

they are not a cure. Ketamine can be used, sometimes in much lower doses, to facilitate deepening of your psychotherapy work to access the unconscious imprint of trauma and origins of depression, allowing the mind and body to let them go leading to lasting resolution of symptoms.


Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy (PSIP)

Psychedelic Somatic Interactional Psychotherapy is a high fidelity somatically oriented therapy used in conjunction with Ketamine ( or Medical Cannabis and MDMA and Psilocybin once they are FDA approved)– can facilitate the ability to tap into your body’s intrinsic trauma memories, process them, and let them go.

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