Here’s how having a pet can improve your mental health:

As we age, pets can be extremely beneficial. Adults over 50 who participated in a poll on healthy aging listed these top 3 advantages:

  • Less stress
  • An improved feeling of purpose
  • Greater social interaction

5 ways that pets can improve mental health

  • Stress at work can be lessened by pets. 40% of workers claim that their jobs interfere with their health, and 2/3 of employees report that their jobs are stressful. According to studies, having pets around the office can lower stress levels and increase worker happiness.
  • No matter where you work, pets can boost productivity. When a dog participates in a virtual meeting, participants give their teammates higher ratings for trust, cohesiveness, and camaraderie.
  • Having a pet reduces anxiety. More people than ever are experiencing anxiety or mental health issues. Pets offer support and companionship.
  • Pets can encourage you to exercise more. They motivate you to get outside, breathe some fresh air, and engage in some physical activity, all of which have been shown to enhance mood, sleep, and mental health.
  • Pets foster a sense of community. Being close to a pet makes you feel less lonely. Owners feel kindness, joy, nurturing, and happiness when they see, touch, hear, or speak to their pet companions.
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